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A system were all transaction can track outstanding balance, apply cash to outstanding invoices and create repeatedly charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges. An effective and safe solution for invoice entry, follow up for payment, listing of payments and sales analyzing .

ERP G5 Accounts Receivable Software allow you to track the money owed to you.

With this module, you can easily manage client payments and apply interest rates. Accounts receivable is all about keeping your receivables data current, accurate, and centralized.

As your understanding of your financial position improves, you’ll be better equipped to make effective decisions making. Choosing the right Accounts Receivable Software allows for organized and efficient receivables.

What can iContro Accounts Receivable software do for you?

In any size or type of business cash is important. Successful operations place extreme care in managing cash flow. You need reliable system for extending credit to credit worthy customers. You also need a way to keep close watch of unpaid customer invoices

iContro Accounts receivable software is designed to help you manage customer credit and assure you’re paid on a timely basis. Since it’s these payments that fuel your business, it’s important to select the right software to record, manage, and track your receivables.

Accounts Receivable Software to help manage your customer relations

Your accounts receivable module does more than just track receivables entries, though. It also provides you with an ongoing customer database. The master customer list stores individual customer records with contact info, addresses, terms, and other customer data. Each time you post a receivables entry it is associated back to a customer. Using sorting and filtering capabilities, you can easily identify customers in good standing or with late payements. With increased reporting ease you’ll be able to quickly update yourself with the information you need to make accurate and reasonable decisions.

iContro helps you improve your customer credit management with Accounts Receivable

You may not think of it exactly in these terms, but accounts receivable is essentially a record of the short term credit you extend to your customers. Just like making loans, you need to determine who is good payer and who isn't. You also need a set of processes in place to ensure the recovery of the credit you've issued with terms and condition apply.

Accounts receivable software helps you to apply these kind of  terms and perform interest rate.You don’t need to pull multiple spreadsheets to figure out which payments are overdue and how much interest you should charge, when you have the right software in place.

 iContro Account Receivable (Screen Shoot Sample): 

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