Shop Floor

iContro ERP Shop Floor Control :

provides all functions required to manage and control the manufacturing floor, including on-line routing maintenance, labour reporting, and scheduling.

Shop floor Solution maintains the data needed to optimize on time completions, evaluate plant workload, and determine capacity needs. Pertinent Shop Floor Control is integrated with other modules to maintain current work order information at all times, thru this system you can also tracks bill of materials used for each shop order to compare against estimates, and to supply costing information, real time updates to the completed production

Management needs timely, accurate information and the ability to manage the shop floor by exception.

ERP Shop floor control system is flexible and can easily adapt if changing needs/necessary.

iContro ERP provides full function shop order maintenance capability, allowing the user to evaluate and adjust operation steps and components.

Orders can be re-scheduled either backwards or forward.

Shop Floor Control Benefits ;

  • Gain control and improve efficiency at a single shop or at multiple locations throughout your enterprise.
  • Accurate production data can be used by costing applications with real or standardized allocations.
  • ERP shop floor control program readily integrates with automation for automatic counting
  • Shop floor system collects data and provides custom shop floor control by lot, job, schedule, product, work center etc.