Sales Order / Quotation / Reports

Sales Order / Quotation / Report  

This software allows users to create and manage sales orders from a single screen, and with quoting function takes into account all aspects of the quoting process including material, overhead, labor, outsourced operations, commission calculations, and miscellaneous additional fees.

iContro Sales Order module gives you fast and accurate access to product availability, flexible pricing including special discounts, credit limits  and much more. You can also accordingly generate invoices and print daily back-order reports.


Key features


  • Automation of order details into your ERP system
  • Real-time availability of order status and transaction data
  • Consistent processing rules
  • Controlled exception handling for cancelled transactions and blocked orders
  • Order validation including side-by-side view of original and captured data
  • Duplicate order checking
  • Central point of information for all customer order  processes
  • Flexible, automated task routing
  • A friendly user system and easy to learn to complete order entry
  • Reports on process time and volume, queued orders, exceptions and blocks, and delivery dates

ERP G5 users benefit from a fully optimized process for faster order delivery and payment and much more effective sales management handling ;   

  • Lower order-to-cash process costs by up to 65%
  • Receive and enter customer orders up to 80% faster & accurate
  • Improve cash flow and lower days Sales Outstanding
  • Reduce stored data costs
  • Increase data entry accuracy by as much as 95%
  • Reduce order errors and delays
  • Help increase customer satisfaction levels
  • Access to reporting and analysis to balance workloads and identify process