Routing Solution


iContro has developed a simple, effective system to solve this strangely complicated problem, create this daily route planning software to help your company reduces mileage and on-time arrivals while increasing customer satisfaction.

The purpose of this system is to achieve your target goals and establish on your useful data, to provide results that you can lean on. While creating your daily plan, you can choose from certain development form to meet your daily goals, such as depreciate distance or expanding on-time arrivals. Your company can plan competent routes that balance customer satisfaction and practical costs of time.

Routing is the system to specify the process of components element , which mainly explains the process order of actual material processing or assembling, working center of each process, each time scale (such as preparation time, processing time and delivery time. delivery time includes the running time and waiting time) and external cooperation process time and costs.

 The roles of routing are as follows:

  1. To analyze and calculate capacity requirement planning and balance the capability of each working .
  2. To calculate lead time of the material in the BOM based on preparation time, processing time and delivery lead time of the technical document.
  3. To assign job shop schedule based on process order and various lead time.
  4. To calculate processing costs based on working hours (external cooperation costs) of the technical documentation and costs of working centers.
  5. To master the overall situation of processing based on the process document, bill of materials and production workshop situation.
  6. Track and monitor the production of products.