Purchase Order

Purchase Order Management 

provides for the entry and tracking of purchase orders for direct and indirect materials and services and it's support throughout the entire purchasing process, from generation of the requisition through receiving of materials or approval of service provided including accounts payable integration.

iContro also maintains all vendor information and reporting required by purchase organizations to make better and quality purchasing decisions.

iContro Purchase Order system provides critical, centralized control over direct material, indirect material, and service tracking as well as vendor performance. Inventory and non-inventory purchased items and services can be consolidated on a single purchase order.

Purchase requisitions can be converted to new purchase orders or placed  items on existing orders. Additional items can be added to open orders, providing purchasing flexibility and efficiency.    

This module is the best solution to help you achieve efficient management.

It gives you access to existing inventory and accounts payable records so you can make purchasing decisions with i insight and operate more effectively.