Multi Level Approval Management

Multilevel Approval Management

is a forms of new approach in the planning and approval of compensation data that differs from traditional  administration strategies that focus upon the employee. Unlike these strategies, the iContro ERP G6 Multilevel Approval System is centered upon the organizational structure of the enterprise, rather than the employees assigned to the units within it.

Since the Multilevel Approval System is based on the organizational structure, it is designed with the intent of simplifying, for each successively higher-level manager within that structure, the administration and execution of the entire compensation planning cycle.

By applying this system, managers are at authority to approve or reject the  planning data that has been submitted by subordinate managers at any level below them. Thus, in enterprises where the Multilevel Approval System is active, higher-level managers can approve and reject the planning not only of their direct subordinates, but also of subordinate managers who are assigned to any subordinate organizational unit in their areas of responsibility.

Because higher-level managers can review, reject, modify or approve the submissions of managers at multiple levels beneath them, the approval process is not only simplified, but also accelerated. Where the Multilevel Approval System is employed, the punctual completion of compensation reviews cannot be manipulate by individual subordinate managers who have not submitted or approved their compensation data within established timelines.

Finally, as a result of its organizational focus, this process enables managers to perform administrative functions that cannot be realized by compensation approval processes that are based upon the employee. To illustrate, where the Multilevel Approval Process has been activated, managers are equipped to record brief notes to document their reasons for approving, modifying or rejecting compensation data that subordinate managers submitted , organizational focus of this process also enables compensation managers to reply on Workflow support, which serves to notify them that the  planning cycle has commenced. Throughout the cycle, managers can also rely upon Workflows to notify them, as appropriate, that budgeted amounts have been submitted, approved or rejected by other (higher-level) managers.