iContro is a powerful ERP solution for both process and lean manufacturing,  distributed global operations and equipped with the tools to improve operational performance in your manufacturing system, across to your customer, and throughout your aftermarket service business.


For more than 19 years of manufacturing experience, iContro ERP System is trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, from small to large companies. iContro G5 ERP based on ASIAN BUSINESS CULTURE that can run on any major database,or operating system, iContro gives you maximum customization and flexibility on how you choose to deploy, implement, and operate your manufacturing operations accordingly.




iContro Solution strengths among the market of Enterprise Resource Planning software systems include the following:


iContro is particularly strong in the  process based  manufacturing software requirements of dynamic forecasting and scheduling, formula-based production and quality control, inventory management, complex product costing and regulatory compliance.


iContro G5, is a significant release in terms of architectural advancement and offers improvement in product stability.


iContro ERP offers an impressive access and integration to the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office productivity applications. Also brings new and much needed application functionality, including improve visibility to the production floor. Inventory visibility with a forecasting inventory view with the actual time-phased availability of finished goods with related intermediate products and ingredients – without having to perform a complete analysis.

The project accounting (job costing) is enhanced and fully integrated with the financial software modules.

A new landed cost function permits manufacturers or distributors to include additional related costs of material such as shipping, freight, insurance, handling or duty as part of the inventory valuation at the time of voucher receipt.

The company’s industry-specific solutions are used by more than 1,000 customers, with concentrated representation in the manufacturing, financial services and distribution industries.