Bill Of Materials – BOM


 Are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines.

The data of BOMs is automatically shown against the work orders providing the ability to include configured items on a BOM.

This gives the storage department to check if the stock of materials is available for a product manufacturing or batch manufacturing. Once the individual customer order is entered, it specifies how much components are required, the quantity including wastage and at what level of production the components will be required.

You cannot reach your full efficiency potential without the ability to fully define the material specifications - raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies --that comprise the products you make. iContro  gives you all the tools you need to rapidly and accurately create the bills of material that play such a critical role in product costing and job generation.

iContro software is specifically designed to provide the following BOM management capabilities:

  • Easily find items using powerful attribute search
  • Drag and drop complete parts onto the BOM in a single operation
  • Identify and use only the most current data on BOMs
  • Know what changes have been made to each BOM revision (Add / Remove / No Change)
  • Enforce rules for each assembly part type to ensure correct BOM evolution
  • Create reports for assembly costs 
  • Retain a full audit stream of all changes to the BOM, including when and why it was changed, who approved the changes, how affected items were dis-positioned, and the total recurring and non-recurring cost