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KUALA LUMPUR — iContro Software Sdn Bhd (iContro), said that an ‘Asian Business Culture’ – infused system is imperative for local manufacturers to successfully adapt their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to be compliant to the impending GST ruling, and more. With the implementation of GST, it is mandatory for business to have a complete […]

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Julai (Bernama) — iContro Software Sdn Bhd (iContro), pembekal Perancangan Sumber Perusahaan (ERP) tempatan terkemuka, merancang memperluas perniagaannya ke rantau Asean menerusi ‘sistem perniagaan berbudayakan Asia”. Produk iContro yang telah mendapat impak di Malaysia, kini mendapat sambutan di Singapura dan syarikat itu berjaya memeterai perjanjian dengan sebuah syarikat senarai awam di republik […]

Looking ahead in the short term, what are the top challenges you believe that CIOs in the financial services and related sectors are facing this year? What would be your specific advice? The landscape of financial services systems are always fragmented in nature, usually consisting of core Legacy banking systems inter-wined with ahost of transaction […]

Enterprise resource planning solutions provider iContro offers local SMEs a system to plan their businesses more flexibly and with performance tracking. To assist local companies in being more adept with the ‘Asian’ way of doing business, iContro Software Sdn Bhd (iContro)’s new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system has been tailor-made to be more diversified and […]