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iContro is part of Planetsoft International Holdings Company established in 1995 specialises in Research and Development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Technology, committed in developing our own full-fledged ERP Solutions based on                                                                                                    ASIAN BUSINESS CULTURE.

 The last 19 years, iContro has established its Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian Office while projecting a positive landmark establishment in the Philippines and India by the end of 2015.

iContro system is built based on Asian Business Culture which is the most crucial differentiating factor, as all ERP Software are based on Western Business Culture, which requires heavy customization which incur more cost and making the acquiring ERP expensive. iContro ERP Solution based on Asian Business Culture, has taken all the Asian way of doing businesses which include MultiTasking, Speed, Easy to Use, Security & Control from Management, min customization (lower cost of ownership), Ready to Use System and more.

iContro  is built based in Microsoft DotNet Technology and Database is based on Microsoft SQL Server, we support Mobility Technology, Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (IBM BI Cognos). iContro always adopts new technology and the latest market trends in its quest to keep up to date with technology movement.


Our latest Generation 5 (G5) ERP Solutions, with extensive modules and technology catering to various segments of industries.

Certified by TUV Germany Certification, iContro G5 ERP Solutions is the only ERP Solution in the world is currently certified for End to End Modules (Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing).

  1. "iContro G5 ERP" utilises new technologies such as VB.Net (.Net Framework 4.0 and above).
  2. "iContro G5 ERP Solutions" strategically coined for the international market. Our philosophy is re-inventing ERP technologies and solutions based on "Asian Business Culture" accompanied with a clean slogan, namely “LEAN, SPEED & CONTROL".
  3. With the iconic iContro G5 ERP, which is synonymous with the word “Control”, it truly represents the spirit of our mission for an ERP system that champions “LEAN, SPEED and CONTROLLED” design philosophy for today’s ultra-competitive, agile and versatile business environment.

Synopsis of Product

iContro G5 ERP delivers two key markets & technology differentiators as below;

  • Being a pioneer that focuses on Asian Best Business Practices, which is proven & gaining recognition especially with the current dynamism of Asian economics in the face of western economic meltdown. Our technology is unique as most ERPs are western-styled oriented since traditionally being dominated by foreign ERP players.
  • We believe being in hugely complex technology sector like the ERP will result in less competition. On average an ERP requires 10 to 20 years of consistent R&D to prevail. Therefore, there are not many players.
  • iContro having successfully replaced some of the top ERP system like Microsoft NAV and Oracle's JD Edwards demonstrate our technology maturity & competency.

Product Roadmap

Our product roadmap is basically to identify the different adoption of technologies in different stages of time. iContro strictly and comprehensively adopt technologies for our ERP Solutions with the development of technology and market requirements.

iContro always exploring the latest programming and database technology. We adopt to new technologies +1 year upon release. This is to make sure of the stability and support of the product and technology.

Continuous Adoption Methodology:
  1. Continue adopts and innovate based on continuous latest technology pertaining to:
    a. Cloud Computing
    b. Mobility
    c. Business Intelligence

  2. Adoption of New Industry has been one of iContro’s key expansion mode. Adoption of new industry will also reflect on the technology required. Which is a factor to consider when adopting new industry. Requirement of new industry might vary in terms of process, operations and general workflow. iContro in the past has always successfully adopted 3 new industries per year and we plan to keep the pace steadily growing.

  3. Continue to innovate on the ASIAN-BASED BUSINESS PROCESS INNOVATION with the fusion of WESTERN BEST PRACTICES.