CEO Message



As I look at the growth over a decade since iContro Software founded ,I am extremely proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited about our outlook for an evenly promising future.

We have successfully developed    from a local Singapore ERP Provider up to become a respected firm and accumulate  business from across the    nation, and  earning our clients’ trust along the way.

It is delightful to know that we are able to help our clients build the strategic system solution that enable them to connect and operate essential aspects of their business more efficiently and effectively. Customer satisfaction is our main goal by which we measure our performance, and we hold ourselves,  to the highest standards of quality.

“To meet the challenges ahead and fulfill all our client’s  expectations, we have restructured the company’s strategic initiatives embracing sustainable business practices, focusing on enhancing customer experience, effective operational and people development.”

iContro will also maintain our  focus on being a valued provider, a trusted company with the highest standards of integrity and a key member of the organization where we work and live.

iContro are having an outstanding team  across the company, from senior management level and throughout our organization.

Our success is a reflection of the quality of our people and their ability to work together.

We are positioned well for growth, and will continue to provide more power and pledge to continue in our efforts to exceed expectations.


Mr. Frank Lee

Founder and CEO